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5G Mobile Spectrum

Detail Information about upcoming fifth generation mobile carrier network.

Samsung, Lg, Nokia, Google Pixel, Huawei, Xiaomi and htc are already introduced their 5G supported smartphone. 5g stand for 5th generation mobile Wi-Fi communication. It is most advance mobile network communication technology. 3GPP sets standard for 5g mobile network technology. 5g mobile communication use new radio wave technology or 5g spectrum band. 5g provide high speed internet connection in range of Gbps Giga bit per second, Internet of Thing, automated devices, robots and many more.

              Initially mobile communication starts from 1g where we use analog signal for communication like pager. In 2nd generation mobile we got sms and photo sharing. In 3rd generation internet and video sharing features. Forth generation mobile communication provides speed up to 40 to 50 Mbps and video calling. And in 5g we are having Gbps speed. Speed of 5g is 4o to 50 times higher than 4g.


Why 5g mobile network provide high speed.

5g wireless communication is aiming to use high frequency spectrum band above 24 GHz.  It is also known as mmwave or millimeter wave spectrum band.  This 5g mobile spectrum allows high volume of data transfer in fraction of second. Hence it makes possible high broadband speed. While in 4g and 3g we use 600 MHz, 800 MHz or up to 3GHz spectrum. So we can achieve speed up to 100 to 200 Mbps in 4g LTE long term evolution. I hope you question about what are 5g spectrum is answered.

           5g create new scope with eye lances and goggles having higher quality video, VR video. We have seen such thing in movies which are fictional but now it becomes reality. Live streaming of sport game using 5g drone camera, automated car or truck without driver. This is the future of 5g network technology.


Will my 4g mobile work with 5g network technology.

No, 4g mobile use difference frequency band and spectrum. While 5g mobile network use different frequency spectrum and protocol. So you need 5g smartphone to use 5g network. But there are 5g wireless access point are available which you can use with 4g mobile. It is said that 5g mobile are available from mid 2019.


5g technology will entirely replace 4g network.

No, even 4g network are at advance development mode. It started with 4g then 4g LTE and now LTE Advanced or LTE+. Lastly it is LTE Advanced pro also known as pre-5G.

4g LTE speed = 10 to 12 Mbps.

4G LTE Advanced speed = maximum 300Mbps.

4G LTE Advanced pro speed = up to 3Gbps in ideal condition.


When 5g mobile network available.

 So most of the countries worldwide upgrades 4g network and also rolling out 5g network. Early 2019 only few places 5g mobile network available for commercial purpose. By 2024 80 percentage 5g network would have been upgraded. Many countries have carried out test on 5g mobile network and also tested 5g spectrum band. Some countries are on pre preparation mode just started 5g spectrum band auction. Furthermore 5g mobile network will be first implemented to smart cities. While urban and rural will be upgraded to 4g advanced technologies.

Here are few wireless network carriers who provide 5g mobile network world wide.

United States of America – Verizon, t-mobile, At&t

United Kingdom – Vodafone, o2

Canada – bell, roger,

Russia - Megafon, Rostelecom

South Korea – LG uplus, South Korea Telecom.

Here I have provider few carrier name there are many more network provider planning to upgrade their mobile network to 5g technology.